Karen Ambrose

Same Sex Marriages

Same Sex Marriage Celebrant - A Marriage is a Marriage!

Did you know at least 75% of all marriages are conducted by civil celebrants? Yes, ceremonies delivered by civil celebrants give couples the opportunity to choose their location,  the flexible wording in their ceremonies and the freedom to have the style of wedding the really want. This freedom also applies to same sex couples who now have the choice to marry since the law was passed in December 2017……. and I am ready to celebrate with them.

Pinning on Grooms Lapel Badge for wedding ceremony

 Same sex couples can now clearly see which celebrants will suit them and contact those with whom they will feel comfortable, as celebrants were given the opportunity to opt out or in depending on their beliefs.

Same sex ceremonies confirm the fact that  ALL couples simply want the freedom to marry the person they love without judgement. Many same sex couples have been living together for years and rejoiced in the news that they could marry if they wish and have their union legally conducted and registered.  I look forward to helping more same sex couples formalise their relationships. 

I am a registered civil celebrant based in Nowra, and enjoy performing marriage ceremonies for all  couples in the Shoalhaven and South Coast region of NSW.

Please call Karen at any time, or submit your question(s) via the following Celebrant Enquiry Form below.

Phone:  0418 799 694

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